It’s one of the biggest fashion questions of the Fall 2014 season: how do I wear fringe without looking like the leading lady in a sepia-toned Western? Corey Ng, fashion stylist at Toronto’s Page One Management, has the answer to your burning fringe fashion questions. Here, he shares his expert tips for how to wear it so you look like a cool girl, not a cowgirl.

Fringe fashion tip #1: Less is more

The key to wearing fringe this fall is simple: less is more. “Wear one fringe piece at a time,” says Ng. “Chances are, your single fringe piece is statement enough.”

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Fringe fashion tip #2: Go modern
“Fringe has the tendency to widen one’s figure, so stick with fringe detailing instead of a full piece,” explains Ng. “If you prefer to make a statement with fringe, keep it modern with something tailored and sleek.” (Take your cues from Kate Moss, Rita Ora and Taylor Swift—they always know how to rock fringe without going OTT.)

Fringe fashion tip #3: How to wear a fringe jacket

Whether it’s made of suede, leather or denim, the fringe jacket is a street-style staple for Fall 2014. “People will only be looking at your jacket, so use plain trousers and a T-shirt to create a clean and polished look. Don’t try to compete with it.”

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Fringe fashion tip #4: How to wear fringe boots
Sure, giving extra swing to your step with a pair of fringe boots is great, but avoid increasing bulk with the rest of your ensemble. “Keep your body looking slim when adding extra volume to your feet. Skinny jeans or a fitted dress are the way to go.”

Fringe fashion tip #5: How to wear a fringe bag

Carrying a fringe bag is one of the quickest ways to integrate the trend without becoming a total cowgirl. “Go casual and incorporate a fringe bag into your everyday look. Once you start to plan and coordinate your outfit around it, you can pull off western-chic with ease.”

We’ve rounded up some of the top fringe fashion looks from the Fall 2014 runways below. Our advice? Bookmark and use as daily outfit inspo.

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