Toronto Fashion Week: Hayley reports from Greta Constantine

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Hayley McKee, backstage at Greta Constantine.

CALL TIME  3 p.m.  I was so excited when I was cast in Greta Constantine—it’s one of my favourite pre-Fashion Week shows! From the moment I walk out of the freezing weather into The Bay where the show was being held, I can’t wait to begin. The long catwalk, twisting and turning around hundreds of chairs, makes me smile as I think of the amazing adrenaline rush of walking down a runway. I squeeze into the tiny backstage area and run for the last open seat, beside one of my friends, when I’m called for a hair test.
HAIR  3:30 p.m.  I’ve loved getting my hair done since I was a kid (doesn’t everybody?) Of course, the end product is much different in this case! This is definitely one of my favourite parts of the pre-show routine. The hair artists spray a hundred products in your hair, shove bobby pins every which way, and they always seem to come out with a stunning result—even if it takes over an hour to take out the next day! The hair for Greta Constantine is beautiful—sleekly pulled back into the middle of the head, with a fun bump on the top. GORGEOUS!

MAKEUP  5:30 p.m.  Two words: sexy and strong. The sultry black eye extends all around the eye lid out to the brows, which are completely covered with glue! (Yikes…that took a long time to come off afterwards!) A hint of bright gold sparkle shines through in both the corner of the eye and at the lash line. When I look in the mirror, I didn’t even recognize myself, but I love makeup that helps you get into the character the designers want on the runway. This look certainly made me feel strong and confident!

SHOWTIME! 7:30 p.m. After a quick fitting and tons of backstage pictures with all of the girls, it’s showtime! As I put on my tight, red dress, I feel my nerves go away. I take three deep breaths and walk into the lineup. The designers run by us yelling, “Confident, sexy walk! Fast pace! Good luck!” The energy builds as the first girl disappears onto the runway. Before you know it, the designers shout, “Next girl, ready? Go!” And suddenly you’re out in front of all the people and cameras, feeling on top of the world. This is a feeling I will never forget…until Fashion Week today when I walk in the Holt Renfrew show! xoxo Hayley
Check out our video with Hayley here!  

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