st-fall14-2A playful embroidered look from London-based Canadian designer Steven Tai’s Fall 2014 collection. All photos courtesy of Brill Communications.

It was as much about the fabrics as it was about the clothes at The shOws last night–probably even more so. In fact, Vancouver-raised designer Steven Tai has a lab in his London studio solely dedicated to the deconstructing and re-mixing of fabrications to create the woven jacquard and sparkling tweed coats that showcased on the runway at Toronto’s Storys Building. "It’s the idea of girl who broke up with boyfriend and she’s keeping his clothes and slashing them up," Tai said of the Fall 2014 collection, which he presented in a Somerset House showroom at London Fashion Week.

A deconstructed midnight blue tweed coat at Steven Tai.

One notable highlight was a shimmering midnight blue tweed and lorax coat: to create
the cut-up fringe details, "We count by movies how long it takes," Tai said, explaining that himself and four interns went through eight horror movies pulling apart the perfectly deconstructed piece.
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