Don’t retire your summer shades just yet—there’s still a long weekend to enjoy and technically the season doesn’t end until September 21. That gives you a few more weeks to try out those
iconic summer events you’ve had on your checklist since the season started. And don’t worry—we’ve got your summer fashion covered with these event-appropriate looks for completing your summer bucket list, plus the hottest cocktail to celebrate with for each mission accomplished. Go on, we dare you!

Summer fashion dare: Ride a motorcycle (or stand next to one in a really cool outfit).

Runway inspiration : The black-and-white paisley printed pants and matching cropped jacket—with leather accents and helmet in hand, naturally—at Alexander Wang; studded high-waisted shorts and white leather jacket at Versace.

The statement piece:
Whether riding on the open road into the sunset, or kicking back on the couch while Marlon Brando works up a sweat in
The Wild One, invest in next season’s must-have automotive footwear: the moto boot.

Celebratory cocktail:
Blue Motorcycle—a badass concoction of tequila, rum, gin and vodka, tinted a rocking baby blue shade, thanks to Blue Curacao liqueur.

Summer fashion dare: Go on a safari adventure.

Runway inspiration: It’s safe to say that Michael Kors’ rugged, animal-printed Spring/Summer 2012 collection is the barometer for everything safari chic: earthy, tie-dyed summer dresses in amber and sienna, leather fanny pack-inspired belts and a feathery, leopard-printed cocktail dress.

The statement piece:
While we can’t promise that you’ll camouflage with your surroundings, the purple leather jacket from Salvatore Ferragamo’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection has distinct safari aspirations—kind of like you.

Celebratory cocktail:
Orange Safari—one part Safari liqueur to three parts orange juice for braving the urban jungle.

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ForAvaCANVAS.jpgSummer fashion dare: Make a carnival date.

Runway inspiration: The cotton candy-tinted suits from Givenchy and Lanvin’s Spring/Summer collections have us seeing the world with rose-tinted glasses; the whimsical printed cocktail dresses from Mary Katrantzou’s Spring/Summer 2012 show.

The statement piece:
It could be a moonlight spin on the Ferris wheel or the sugary scent of funnel cakes that gives the carnival its romantic allure—either way, donning a colourful, gumdrop-printed dress from Nina Ricci’s Spring/Summer 2012 is a playful tribute to this signature summer event.

Celebratory cocktail:
For its flushed hue and refreshing minty kick, a raspberry mojito is the perfect way to toast the end of summer.

Summer fashion dare: Have a girls’ night in.

Runway inspiration: The matching paisley pyjama suits from Stella McCartney’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection and silky, oversized Lanvin blouse have us dreaming of our own fashionable slumber party. These comfy outfits worn with a sleek pair of pumps makes for the perfect up-all-night look.

The statement piece:
Offset the matchey-matchey print with your favourite blazer in a solid colour—take the navy number worn over Stella McCartney’s blue wallpapery suit—for a sleek update day or night.

Celebratory cocktail:
A pitcher of fruit-embellished sangria—it’s going to be a long night.

Summer fashion dare: Throw a grown-up backyard dinner party.

Runway inspiration:
The white-out numbers that lit up the Spring/Summer 2012 runways—feathery and ethereal at Louis Vuitton; flowing wrap dresses at Diane von Furstenberg—are perfect for attending the world’s most exclusive outdoor dinner party, the Dîner en Blanc event hosted in 20 cities across five continents this summer.

The statement piece: For your own upscale soirée, why not don a crisp, head-to-toe white suit from Ralph Lauren’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection? Bonus: The pantsuit is making a triumphant comeback this fall.

Celebratory cocktail: Classy and classic, you can’t go wrong with toting a flute of champagne around all night.

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