We’re completely in awe of this outfit combo

Jul 07 2016 by
Categories : Street Style

I could go on and on about how compelling I find this jeans-and-boudoir-robe pairing. I could say that the jeans make the pajama robes feel insouciant, and in turn the jeans downplay the silky topper’s theatrics. Sure, maybe it’s the kind of outfit that makes sense on one’s way out of the Grand Palais, on the kind of girl that lives out a Ritz suite, but you know what they say: three’s a trend. But instead of waxing poetic, I’ll be running to my dearest vintage store in an attempt to recreate it for myself. 



Here, the robe is worn slightly askance with a pair of high-waisted jeans. The plain tank and minimal accessories let it shine.



Again, high waisted jeans and a basic top are key to pulling this off (though a little Chanel doesn’t hurt, amirite?)


Categories: Street Style