Street style at |FAT|: More top looks from Arts & Fashion Week, part 1

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All photos by Brendan Adam Zwelling.

Check out more pics from FAT Arts & Fashion Week, showcasing indie designers, filmmakers, artists and more. Tell us: What are your favourite looks?
WHO: Marla Brum
OCCUPATION: Blogger / Social Media Coordinator for a bridal boutique
STYLE ICONS: Gossip Girl. I really like the styling on that show, and it’s something that I look to weekly for inspiration.
MOST EXCITED TO SEE AT |FAT|: This is the first time I’ve been to the event, so I’m just here to see what it’s all about more than anything.

WHO: Ngadi Smart
STYLE ICON: Grace Jones. I like that she’s a bit of a diva. She has a very strong look. I also like her hairstyle, and I’m trying to make my hair look like that.
MOST EXCITED TO SEE AT |FAT|: My roommate, Pope Joans. She has a runway show tonight.

WHO: Jamie Louise Laird
OCCUPATION: Starbucks barista /Fashion designer
STYLE ICONS: Kat Von D and Betsey Johnson. Polar opposites—I like Kat Von D’s rugged, street look, and with Betsey Johnson I love the colours and the accessories she uses.
MOST EXCITED TO SEE AT |FAT|: My friends. We just graduated and they’re doing Briar Rose this year, so I’ve been watching them pull it together throughout school and I’m excited to see how it ended up.

WHO: Shane Coleman
OCCUPATION: Stylist at Pink Tartan
STYLE ICON: Ryan Gosling. I like fitted clothing,  and he has a clean look with nice lines. He always finds a really good way to compliment a masculine shape.
MOST EXCITED TO SEE AT |FAT|: Dystropolis by Wendy Ng.

WHO: Brynne Kennedy
OCCUPATION: Window display artist / photographer
STYLE ICONS: I have several! I really love Marilyn Monroe, but also rock‘n’roll style, rockabilly, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. I usually take from different areas of the past and combine them to create something new. I work with a lot of high-end brands in window display, so I’m always seeing what’s new and putting it together like life-size Barbie dolls.
MOST EXCITED TO SEE AT |FAT|: My friend Katherine Piro, who’s performing tonight. I’m really excited to see her performance because she was amazing at least year’s event.
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