It’s the holidays, that comes-but-once-a-year, when we all feel the urge to not only dress up our houses with all that shines, but to glam up ourselves, as well. Rather than invest in party dresses that you’ll probably never wear again, treat yourself to a few new accessories that’ll go with what’s already in your closet. This way you can add some panache to your wardrobe without plundering your pocketbook.

Cristina Burgess, owner of Augustina Boutique in Toronto’s tony Yorkville, says that given fashion’s current trend towards tailored and more structured clothing, accessories this holiday season are big and bold. “I would say that the biggest trend in jewelry right now is the longer necklace length,” says Burgess. Her boutique, Augustina, has pearls strung on very long pieces of silk that can be wrapped around the neck or worn on the waist. “It’s a great way to modernize pearls,” she says.

If jewelry isn’t your thing, opt for a clutch or cocktail purse in delicious, dark shades such as cognac, olive, plum or absinthe. Luxe fabrics like velvet and satin emphatically say ‘holiday’ and instantly glamorize the simplest ensemble. “A velvet or satin clutch is a great way to integrate the current fashion trend towards luxe, Victorian looks,” says Burgess. “Scarves are another excellent way to add some glamour to any outfit,” she adds. “It could be a Harricana recycled fur scarf from Augustina or a sequined scarf from a vintage store.” Whether you choose to drape a scarf over your shoulders, wrap one around your neck or tie one around your waist like a sash, it’s sure to make a dramatic addition to any outfit.

And, don’t forget that hair is also an accessory opportunity; with Victorian-inspired hair pins with faux jewels staging a comeback in stores, there’s all the more reason to opt for evening updos. 5 trends in accessories

1 Oversized, vintage-cut cocktail rings
2 Low-strung pearls and extra-long necklaces
3 A touch of gold
4 A scarf
5 Velvet and satin clutches

4 tips for successful accessorizing:

1 A little goes a long way. If you’re wearing a dramatic pair of earrings, let them be the focus and keep other jewelry minimal.

2 Always carry a pair of silver or gold flats, such as Sue London flats, in your bag to slip into at people’s homes, so you won’t be left in nylons or socks if you have to take your boots off.

3 Since black is back this season, wear a bright pair of shoes or carry a metallic clutch to make a bold statement with your overall outfit.

4 Stick with one look rather than integrating too many trends together.

If you’re a brooch wearer, opt for vintage lockets and gold pins which, according to Burgess, are more popular this season than brooches. “I still think that a smile is always the best accessory at any party,” muses Burgess. So put on your smile and your favourite accessories and hit the holiday parties in style!