elie-saab-spring-fashion-9744A taste of what was to come at Elie Saab Spring 2014. All photos courtesy of Imaxtree.com.

As I settled into the greenhouse, I mean fashion tent, for Elie Saab’s Spring 2014 show I thought it most apt that a garden was the inspiration for his latest collection. It was a hot house in there! I was practically sitting in a wind tunnel created by the sheer number of over-heated guests frantically fanning their faces. When I last spoke with the Lebanon-born designer for his 2013 collection, he told me that his muse was a "Modern Heiress who was entrepreneurial, philanthropic and engaged in the world." By the looks of it, his new muse is spending more of her time sipping bubbles at tony garden parties than lobbying for social change. The flower-inspired colour palette came in camellia white, eglantine rose,
bougainvillea pink and verdant fresh green. Fabrics were signature Saab—
chantilly lace and crepe—and the silhouettes were classically romantic and lady-like. Polished and posh: just what you’d expect from the
red carpet master.
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