Outfitting a national olympic team is a dream come true for many athletic brands. The competition is stiff and winning the account against atelier giants such as Lululemon and Hudson’s Bay is like taking home the gold medal for high-performance fashion.

Vancouver-based active and swimwear brand Left On Friday took home the hardware back in July 2022 when it announced a three-year partnership with the Canadian women’s volleyball team. The brand has been designing and dressing the team in their official uniforms, bikinis and accessories in the lead up to the olympics as team Canada competed at volleyball tournaments all over the world. And earlier this week, Left On Friday unveiled the crowning achievement, the official uniforms that will be worn at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games which is less than 100 days away.

The uniforms use Left on Friday’s signature fabric which “is extremely technical” according to co-founder Shannon Savage who oversees design and product. “When approaching the uniforms, we had two key priorities: it was important that we deliver on the promise of comfort, which would in turn allow the athletes to focus entirely on their performance. Secondly, we want them to stand out in their big moment,” she explains.

Left On Friday

The finished uniform collection features a red and white T-shirt bikini as well as a one-shoulder bikini which allows for full freedom of movement in the serving arm while offering compression and support in the chest. Both designs are modeled by medal hopefuls Melissa Humana-Paredes and Brandie Wilkerson who helped inform the development of the uniforms along with other elite athletes to ensure the final product could keep pace with their powerful movements.

“Since the beginning, Left On Friday was created to solve for women’s active lifestyles in their daily lives but also sports and athletics,” says Laura Low Ah Kee, Co-Founder of Left On Friday in a recent press release. “It’s been a dream come true to support and work with Volleyball Canada to design uniforms that are not only meant to enhance and support elite athletes’ performance but also look good while doing it. We can’t wait to see them in action on the world’s biggest stage this summer.”