Kayley Chabot, Alberta girl.

I’ve been a huge fan of models since a bobbed Linda Evangelista—wearing a crushed velvet Ralph Lauren jumpsuit—inspired me to buy my first
Vogue back in September 1993. (I actually think you can learn a lot about people by finding out about their favourite member of the Trinity: Linda, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell. Hint: Watch out for Naomi fans.)  Paris Fashion Week is packed with amazing models, including up-and-coming Canadian Kayley Chabot, who Denis Desro and I bumped into after the Costume National show. Kayley made her runway debut during the
spring/summer 2013 season, and this fall, she’s walked for some of the world’s top designers, including
Roland Mouret and
Alexander Wang at Balenciaga. Was she having fun on the show circuit? Yes, definitely. Kayley also sang the praises of fellow model, Erin Macdonald, who she roomed with during New York Fashion Week. "We just had a sleepover last night!" she said, giggling.
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