karlie-kloss-dree-hemingway-elle-fanningCat ladies: Karlie Kloss, Dree Hemingway and Elle Fanning playing around post Opening Ceremony’s Spring 2015 performance presentation.

Hands down, Opening Ceremony will be the funniest, most entertaining and creative "runway" presentation this season– in that the runway was a stage, the show, a play written by Jonah Hill and Spike Jonze (also directed by Jonze) and the models, its players.
100% Lost Cotton starred Karlie Kloss who made her stage debut playing a famous supe who’s BFF with Taylor Swift (a stretch, I know, but just go with it), doe-eyed model hopeful Elle Fanning (a delight and who knew she could also sing?), and Dree Hemingway (an It girl jaded with the biz). Post-show, Karlie and kompany lightened up for the cameras.
Could Karlie, Elle and Dree become new BFFs arelady? Can we join? Click to see more post-show pics!