Let’s get the worst out of the way first. I didn’t have such a great start to my first day covering New York Fashion Week’s spring/summer 2013 shows, but the day did end on a high note thanks to
Altuzarra (we’ll get to that, I promise!). First off, I ended up at the
Lacoste show sans my Blackberry—which makes it pretty hard to live tweet. Oops. I’ve never been one of those people who can’t function without my phone, but this time, I felt the pain of tech withdrawal. Thankfully, I didn’t forget my trusty paper notebook and a pen. Unfortunately, the cobalt-blue ink pen (which just made a round trip to Australia without any problems!) chose this very moment to explode. Thankfully, I was wearing mostly black—but my hands did not look so pretty. The ink stains wouldn’t simmer down, even after a good scrub. (I consoled myself with the thought that, “Hey, at least the colour splattered all over my fingers is fall’s hottest shade.”) The experience put me so out of sorts that somehow I missed the fact that the techno soundrack at Lacoste was actually infused with the sounds of thwacked tennis balls and screeching sneakers—and I love this kind of show detail! A quick cab ride back to my hotel to recover my phone made me feel much better. As did finally tweeting a couple of slightly delayed thoughts on the Lacoste show. I love to tweet pics, but since I didn’t take any photos at the show—I am not one of those annoying people who blocks everyone’s view by taking pics with my iPad—I tweeted images of the tennis racket pattern included in the show notes as well as a snap of the invitation. You can view those images here: @ellecanada.com: Head-to-toe printed shirts, pants and fanny packs (yes, they were cool!) in this tennis racket print at Lacoste
pic.twitter.com/hJnBEsRq @ellecanada: Leathers embossed with tiny Lacoste crocodiles (like the one on this invite) were pretty cool too.
pic.twitter.com/lmOkchzJ Admittedly, in the grand scheme of things, these were pretty minor hiccups. But combined with the sweltering weather and a morning downpour, I was ready to melt in more ways than one. So now, on to the good stuff. Here are my top three highlights from the day:
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