NYFW Fall 2014 5 Things: Alexander Wang’s Fall 2014 collection wows

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Alexander-Wang-close-upAll images courtesy of ImaxTree.com

There was much talk about the fact that
Alexander Wang chose to host his fall 2014 collection away from the usual sights for
New York Fashion Week. In fact, he decided to have editors make the trek across the bridge to Brooklyn to catch a glimpse of his high-tech, utilitarian collection filled with zippers, rubber-like jackets and knee-skimming shorts with cargo pockets. Here are five things you need to know in case you weren’t lucky enough to score a ticket.
1. The commute chaos: The show was held at the Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Try explaining that to your cab driver, who was completely bewildered as to why a flock of fashion types would be making their way to the industrial part of Brooklyn. Editors grumbled – but the show, as in most cases with Alexander Wang, did not disappoint. Leaving the show was another zoo altogether. With black cars and cabs jammed into the tiny streets of the dockyard, there was a lot of confusion – horns honking, cabbies screaming, editors on their phones yelling, “I can’t hear you. I have no idea where I am. Help me!”

Alexander-Wang 2. The boots: Models wore either over-the-knee black and brown super shiny, flat
leather boots, or heeled leather boots in black and brown that had the back portion removed. Bootie mules?
3. The set: The futuristic set with a spider-like collection of large, crisscrossing metal pillars that created a small maze for the models to circle through.
4. The hair and makeup: Talk about helmet head. The Wang girls had bleached brows,
barely-there makeup and hair plastered down to their skull with a deep comb-over side part resulting in a very masculine, plastic and futuristic look. There was nothing pretty about hair or makeup here (let’s hope that isn’t the future of beauty!).
5. The finale: Just as the crowd was all set to see a normal finale, Wang sent a selection of models down the dimly lit runway and around the stage. With spotlights on, you could see they looked even more plastic and mannequin-like than the models before. Then the kicker – the stage began to rotate, giving the crowd a view of each of the looks before the remaining models paraded back down the runway to close the show (pictured above).
Watch the entire runway show here:

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