Montreal Fashion Week: Accessory designers you need to know now.

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In between the
shows, covering
backstage beauty and generally running around town, we decided that our schedules had to indulge us one of our favourite pastimes: Shopping. And there’s nothing we like to do more than shop for accessories, especially when we travel with carry-on! Banking on our contacts in the biz, we made appointments with three rising Montreal accessory designers that we think you need to know about. From an
Alexander McQueen expat, to a
Denis Gagnon jewelry collaborator and a fresh-out-of-school hat designer (yes, hats are back), herewith the names to put on your radar: 

Anastasia Radevich If you ever have the chance to meet this petite Belarusian, Montreal-based designer, don’t let her small frame or soft voice fool you. Her footwear collection is anything but docile; in fact, it veers on the outrageous. Armed with a diploma from the London College of Fashion, assistant design tenures at both Alexander McQueen and
Nicholas Kirkwood, plus years experience working with the
Aldo group, Radevich has taken the concept of fantastical footwear to new heights.
Kinetic, her 2011 collection, is inspired by outerspace, alien femme fatales and sci-fi fantasties. Beam me up, Anastasia. (From $570-$1100. Visit for where to buy details.)

Harakiri Design
Mirelle Boucher is exactly the kind of Montrealer us Torontonians wish we could be more like: Charming accent, crazy-cool style and a certain
je ne cest quoi attitude we have tried to pull off, but have never quite got it right. This unique sense of self translates quite literally in her jewelry: avant-guard materials, organic shapes and non-traditional metals. Copper bracelets are cast with real bat skulls or tree branches taken from her father’s backyard; necklace charms dangle with rose thorns, bird feathers and sting-ray vertebrae. Take all of those elements, and you have a recipe for jewlery design that is fresh, distinctive and extremely covet-worthy. Just ask
Denis Gagnon. A long-time friend of Boucher’s, he relies on her to accessorize his
collections during a runway presentation. Next up, his Spring 2011 fashion show at
LG Fashion Week in Toronto. (Visit for where to buy details.)

Duanrast Annik St-Arnaud loves taxidermy. You wouldn’t have guessed that this fresh-faced, just out-of-school grad would be into reproducing dead animals into pieces of fashion but, after taking a glimpse at her first-ever collection of fall/winter hats, we think she might be on to something. Her brand

Duanrast was launched as part of her graduating exhibition at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles and all production is still handled at the school. Titled
Nordic, the 30-piece collection is made with cozy alpaca wool, accented with recycled fox and rabbit fur giving us touques that are refreshingly bare of any cheesy Canadiana references.  Our shrill, snowy winters? They just got a bit more palpable. (Starting at $250.00. Visit for where to buy details.)

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