Mod perfection at Emporio Armani Fall 2014. All photos courtesy of ImaxTree.com. 

The Armani HQ is like an ultra luxe compound: massive, minimalist, and with super tight security—think 4 separate invite checks conducted by elegant gentlemen in
very expensive suits. The space where the show is held is dimly lit, with comfy, cushioned stadium seating. (Pre-show, it’s not uncommon to see editors’ heads jerking up, suddenly alert, after gently nodding off.) This season, there was a general air of wakefulness, due, in part perhaps, to the stirring second-row presence of a male Italian soccer team, all decked out in identical navy blazers, complete with crests. On the runway, a similar uniformity reigned. The palette was black and white with pops of turquoise—and an array of fantastic footwear, from graphic patent booties to pointy toe flats studded with faux pearls. You have to see them.