There’s lots of free food to be found at London Fashion Week—if you have time to eat it while running between back-to-back shows.  My first stop was the VIP media lounge at Somerset House, the home of London Fashion Week. It’s a little tricky to find—behind a white wall and velvet rope in the main show space—but once you enter, you feel like you’ve arrived in a cozy, modern forest. There’s a whitewashed fireplace (showcasing a whimsical tree with little birds), a backlit wall of painted trees, and bookcases filled with knickknacks like silver rabbit figurines (I’ve included some photos at the end).

Most importantly though, there is free food. Sadly, I missed the media lunch (I’m told it was a mix of salads and grilled veggies) but arrived in time for the afternoon snack. So, my lunch for the day? A mini carrot cake, two macarons, tea and freshly squeezed apple juice. Plus several handfuls of crunchy bar mix.

I also munched on the free bags of gourmet popcorn that are constantly being handed out at the main venue—they can’t be avoided. And since it’s "under 100 calories" a bag, the fashion crowd can actually be seen eating it! (Plus, it’s a much yummier choice than the fibre/granola/breakfast bars which have become ubiquitous at NYFW and Toronto Fashion Week…) This bag is a sour cream and chive flavour, but I prefer the sea salt. Still on the lookout for the sweet chili version.
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