Their jet-set lifestyle means they relax on the run. Here’s how top models chill after a long day

Channel surfer: "I love watching a good crime drama, like
Law & Order. I love the intrigue and suspense."
City escape: "There is this tiny park with a great view; you can see up the river to Queensboro Bridge and Long Island City. I’ve been going to the park with my husband, James, since we started dating three years ago. It’s where he first asked me out, and it’s my favourite spot."
Quiet time: "I’m constantly bombarded with people, lights and sounds, so I love escaping into the peace and serenity of the countryside."
Best beauty fix: "
Lancôme makeup remover and moisturizer are good for clearing away the grime and stress of the day. I also rely on L’Oréal Paris Derma Genesis to help me relax."
Soundtrack: "I love to play early ’80s shoe-gazing music when I’m trying to unwind. Anything by the Cocteau Twins puts me in a good frame of mind."
Comfort food: "I love mashed potatoes, mac ‘n’ cheese and shepherd’s pie."

-Barbora Simek

Yasmin Warsame
Must-indulge spa: "I love the Hacienda Don Justo Hotel Spa in Cólon, Argentina! After a 60-minute head-to-toe massage, they cover you with thick clay and you sit in the sun to bake for 60 minutes. Then you’re washed under a hot ‘sweet water’ waterfall. They finish by applying a rich moisturizing cream and giving you a glass of chilled, filtered lemon water."
Secret Toronto hideaway: "When I’m home in Toronto, I like the water treatment at the
Body Blitz Spa. They have pools filled with sea water and Jacuzzis filled with freezing-cold water. It’s amazing!"
De-stress with… "My bath. I use Epsom salts to sooth muscles and Kiehl’s vanilla body wash, and I always light a Jo Malone candle."
Favourite scents: "I love lavender and patchouli
oils; these smells melt the day away."
Loungewear: "I love my red Ralph Lauren robe."
-Amanda Wenek

Spa specialty: "There’s nothing better than a private seaweed wrap or a Swedish massage with hot rocks — ideally in the Caribbean!"
Evening ritual: "I turn off all the lights, light a few Diptyque Feu de Bois candles and run a nice, hot bubble bath with a couple of drops of Rodin Olio Lusso."
Soundtrack: "Sade is my go-to choice; her music really soothes my soul."
Soothing scents: "The smell of
jasmine always makes me feel free and at peace."
Comfort food: "I love warm chocolate cookies with milk, herbal teas and honey biscuits."
Loungewear: "An oversized boyfriend hoodie with a great pair of underwear."
Dream trip: "My next relaxation retreats are these two breathtaking resorts: Le Moana Bora Bora in French Polynesia and Viceroy Bali, in Ubud, Indonesia."
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