NAME GAME  Hedi Slimane is rebranding Yves Saint Laurent as Saint Laurent Paris and everyone is freaking out. OK, maybe not everyone, just the fashion world—who, let’s face it—are prone to freaking out. (Case in point: Just watch one episode of The Rachel Zoe Project where she regularly says things like: “If those Prada shoes don’t arrive today, I’m literally going to die,” and “I will kill myself if they don’t alter that Givenchy dress properly.” But I digress.) Apparently Slimane’s inspiration for the house’s branding comes from the mid ’60s, when the company introduced a ready-to-wear line under the name Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. Which sounds like a perfectly reasonable explanation. But, as someone who regularly writes about YSL, I’m annoyed that I have to start writing about SLP because NO ONE WILL KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. [WWD] Verdict: One extra dignified single tear.

STYLE PUZZLE Remember the March cover of Vogue, where a pink haired Lady Gaga struck a pose in a fabulous Haider Ackermann dress? Apparently putting that dress together was more challenging than constructing IKEA furniture using Swedish instructions. In fact, the draped gown was so complex that Tonne Goodman, the fashion editor in charge, had to call the designer to ask for his personal help putting the look together. But in the end it was worth it, ’cause that cover was amaze. [Independent] Verdict: Polite golf clap.

STRANGE LOVE Olivier Sarkozy and Mary Kate Olsen are ON, according to this photo that literally paralyzed the entire ELLE Canada editorial staff for five minutes in grossed-out silence. But that’s not all. Apparently the couple have taken their show on the road, and “couldn’t keep their hands off each other” at the MoMa PS1 gala on Tuesday. Oy. [Page Six] Verdict: Vigorous eye washing, with a side of sad reminiscing for the good old days of To Grandmother’s House We Go. 

MUSIC MOMENT Kanye West is threatening to make an album comprised entirely of animal noises. The Sun, a tabloid well known for its journalistic integrity, quotes a source as saying: “Kanye’s telling mates this is his next ingenious plan. He’s become so obsessed with roars, barks and jungle noises that he’s experimenting with putting them on a recording.” Do it, Kanye. [NME] Verdict: Slow clapping with side eye.


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