It’s that time of year again Happy New York fashion week, everyone! Can’t believe fashion month is here already. In honour of the occasion, Buzzfeed’s Amy Odell has put together a list of the things you’re most likely to see at the shows. Making things extra interesting this year is the apocalypse-style weather that bearing down on New York. (Some shows, like Marc Jacobs, have already been postponed because samples didn’t make it in time.) Verdict: Slow clap for fashion week! Follow our editor-in-chief, Noreen Flanagan, who is out and about at NYFW @Noreen_Flanagan

Car trouble
“I had two terrible accidents—it was in a Jag and a Mercedes. I fell asleep twice. I was not a good driver.” That’s Karl Lagerfeld, explaining why he doesn’t drive anymore.
Verdict: Probably for the best, yes?
Country strong Call it a battle of the ELLE Canada cover girls:
Apparently Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood hate each other. An insider has reported to
Us Weekly that Grammy execs were ordered to keep Swift and Underwood from “crossing paths” at the show because the two “hate each other.”
Verdict: Single tear—looks like T.Swift’s good-girl rep is getting torn down fast.
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