Image courtesy of FRY Marc Jacobs and street artist Kidult are feuding. It all started when Kidult defaced the storefront of Jacobs’ SoHo boutique with gigantic pink letters spelling out the word “Art.” So, Jacobs did what any sensible fashion designer would do: he released a set of limited edition T-shirts featuring the store’s graffiti-tagged image, with a line that read: “Art by Art Jacobs.”  (They retail for 689 bucks). Then, designer FRY got in on the action, and created a T-shirt depicting a picture of Marc Jacobs’ T-shirt. Now Kidult’s got a T-shirt too, with an image of him defacing Jacobs’s store and the tagline “Not art by Kidult,” which is on sale for a symbolic price of €6.89. And the dance continues. [Fashionista]

Speaking of feuds, Kelly Cutrone has declared war against a former assistant on Twitter. The People’s Revolution PR guru/America’s Next Top Model judge tweeted this yesterday: “One of my old assistants is getting arrested this week for grand larceny—stealing money from People’s—cannot wait—revenge is sweet.”

She followed it up with: “@HussyChildPlz you better run cause you are going down CLOWN.”

And topped it off, for good measure, with: “I wonder if my former assistant will be wearing stolen clothes from our showroom when HE gets arrested…”

Quick question: who places their trust in someone with @HussyChildPlz as a twitter handle?  [Twitter]

It’s hard being Chloë Sevigny, you guys. The hipster style icon was quoted as saying that she hates attending runway presentations. “I don’t enjoy going to fashion shows. It’s very high school, it’s very ‘the popular kids in the front row.’ And everybody’s checking everybody else out, and you have to do all this press and get your picture taken…It’s not fun for me, it’s work.” Fair enough, the paparazzi can be vicious, but before you start feeling too sad for her, she added. “I go occasionally to friends’ shows to support them — or if I’m getting paid, if you want to be honest.” Celebrities can make up to $100,000 dollars to sit in a front row. Fashion shows last, on average, about 15 minutes. The average salary in Canada is $46,000 a year. Just saying. [The Cut]

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