Fashion Takes Action, an organization built on providing eco-friendly fashion to the industry and the consumer will be staging their second annual Green Gala event to be held on Saturday, November 8th in the Fermenting Cellar at Toronto’s historic Distillery District. This year, the Green Gala will be aligning itself with Toronto’s first ever Sustainable Style Show and serves not only as a networking event for vendors and sponsors, but it will also provide much-needed fundraising for proceeds for Fashion Takes Action (which is set to launch in January 2009).

One of the biggest highlights of the event includes a fashion show whereby 10 of Canada’s most notable designers will lend their talent to creating looks utilizing sustainable fabrics. The mission? To raise awareness around reducing our eco-footprint and, clearly, no stone was left unturned: Last year. the runway was made of 1800 square feet of sod, guests were transported to and from the event in hybrid shuttle buses. The venue itself, powered by Bullfrog Power, utilizes clean emission-free energy sources like wind power and LED lighting.

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ELLE Canada is sponsoring this year’s Green Gala event