Fanatical Fashion: Giuseppe Zanotti leopard-print wedges

Aug 11 2010 by
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A wardrobe divided against itself cannot stand… or can it?

By: Lara Ceroni

Take a look through your closet: Do you own a pair of harem pants? Leggings? Gladiator sandals? Likely you do – in multiples, even – and so likely your girlfriends. You have probably rocked these looks on date night, or Saturday night and felt pretty fabulous doing it, right? Well, the jig is up. Sorry, friends.
We call this “women-dressing-for-women”; when us ladies sport trendy looks that we know in our heart-of-hearts men hate. 
Marilisa Racco, a regular contributer to summed up this theory perfectly when we ran into her at an event a few weeks back. Sporting a wicked ensemble (at least we thought so) of a loose tee, oxfords, boyfriend jeans and a
Marc Jacobs-inspired topknot, she said she was wearing her best “man-repeller” outfit. At first we laughed at the gaffe, but then realized she might be on to something. If given the choice, what would a man rather see you in: A Topshop jumpsuit or
Max Azria’s bandage dress? Obviously we can’t always dress for the male persuasion otherwise our lives would consist of wearing 5-inch stilettos to the METRO and Fredrick’s of Hollywood lingerie for Sunday brunch. So we dress for ourselves, resplendent in our feathered headbands and slouchy UGGS; or, in this particular case, Giuseppe Zanotti’s wedges. The leopard is sex personified so men will most certainly appreciate that, but the wedge itself? On a lithe woman they’ll look like astronaut boots: Big, clunky and not exactly something you would keep on if everything else was off.  Doesn’t matter. We’re calling these an exception to the rule because they’re the perfect accessory accoutrement to our fall lineup of next purchases: Michael Kors’ camel coat, Stella’s skinny pants and Dolce & Gabanna’s
Mad Men suiting. Our men might grumble, and surely they will,  so ask him to buy you that bandage dress to wear with the boots. Relationships are all about compromise after all. Want to know what other looks turn men off? Check out this site: Your closets are no longer safe! (Shown: Giuseppe Zanotti leopard-print wedges; $1,195.00.

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