Eva Mendes the new ambassador for Reebok EasyTone

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I realize that this picture of
Eva Mendes and I is blurry (ok, way blurry) but I had seconds to snap this shot, and time (amongst other things I’ll explain in a minute) wasn’t exactly on my side when I met the star on Wednesday at the
Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, California. First, the facts: If any of you caught my
post on Tuesday, Reebok invited a mass group of international journalists (
ELLE Canada scored the magazine exclusive) to L.A. for a two day press junket to meet their new face of
EasyTone; a line of athletic footwear and apparel. Eva (and, if you’re curious, her name is pronounced “
Eh-va,” not “
Ee-va.” That’s Longoria’s territory) is their Hollywood ambassador. Go figure that out of the 90 media that was invited, I had the dubious distinction of being Eva’s very last interview. Quite frankly, I walked into it thinking I was screwed. She’s going to be exhausted (understandably) after spending the last 48 hours talking to press fielding the exact same questions. Original sound bytes?
To keep it interesting, my time with her went from 10 minutes to 7 minutes due to an "unplanned break" (poor girl can’t even have a three-minute hiatus without it being documented) and, after a few reschedules, my call time was at 5:50pm and she had to be out of there by 6:00pm. The only thing standing between her, a planned two-hour workout session with her trainer and a late dinner reservation, was me. Great. I figured she’d be checked out before I could check in. So, how did it go? My luck changed the minute we sat down. Eva was as effervescent as champagne: All giggles, smiles and sunshine (Her agent? Not so much.) We chatted about
Reebok EasyTone, her fitness regime and the love of her life: Her dog, Hugo. Her enthusiasm for the brand was infectious, so much so I’m test-driving the gear as we speak (A
blog post is in your near future.) The full extent of our time together will be dished in length in our June issue of
ELLE Canada, so stay tuned for that. As our interview was nearing an end, Eva’s handlers tell me I have 10 seconds left. She looks at them smiling a smile that will persuade you to buy whatever it is she’s selling: "Guys, hold on: She’s my last one… I think we can squeeze in a few extra seconds for her. Lara, what else would you like to know about me?" Between you and I, I wanted to know how she has such ridiculously smooth skin, or how she makes her hair look like spun honey. Instead, I thought of our
DNA column online. Although I didn’t get to power through all 20 questions, I managed to squeeze out five. Here, a few of Eva Mendes’ favourite things. Hope you enjoy.
Favourite fragrance: "
Angel by Thierry Mugler."
Favourite way to spend a Sunday: "In bed with the
New York Times, coffee, and my dog, Hugo."
Favourite city for a fab dinner: "Rome, always-always Rome."
Favourite post-workout indulgence: "Chocolate. F*ck, yeah!"
Favourite beauty product: "
Dr. Perricone No Foundation Foundation."

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