There’s a fine line between trendy and tacky when it comes to Valentine’s Day. We love a good themed present, but there’s a formula. You’re not just trying to tick a box–you need to understand your partner and what they’re interested in and find something well-made, unique and perhaps a little kitsch without being cloying.

Here, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best heart-shaped Valentine’s Day presents we’d actually be excited to receive from our partners.

For the at-home foodie

Le Creuset products will last forever if you take care of them. The dutch ovens are the kind of heritage piece that gets passed down through generations. So imagine our delight when they came out with pink and red Heart Cocottes (which *hint hint* are on sale right now).

The Dutch ovens are an investment so if you’re on a tighter budget you can opt for heart-shaped knobs for an existing piece of Le Creuset cookware. They also make small heart ramekins.

Price: $300


For the audiophile

We don’t generally like to pick favourites in a round up but this gift idea combines the Valentine’s Day theme with something sentimental. A custom heart-shaped vinyl takes forethought and care to select the music that means something to the two of you. There are lots of different sellers that offer them but we’ve found one on Etsy that will also add a picture of you and your partner to the centre of the record for an extra personal touch. You can select two songs with this seller but some will let you chose more or less.

Price: $125.42 (various price points)


For the romantic goth

Are we cheating a little bit here? Yes. But technically these All My Heart pieces from Regal Rose are heart-shaped, they’re just anatomical. It’s a great twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day heart motif and is perfect for a romantic partner with a bit of a gothic edge.

The collection comes in gold and silver with manmade garnet and can be paired with the All My Mind pieces which feature an anatomical brain.

Price: starting at $46


For the modern fashionista

Noel Streatfeild wrote a series of children’s books that kicked off many girl’s love of shoes. Ballet Shoes, Theatre Shoes, Dancing Shoes, and Circus Shoes may have been our childhood but these Yume Yume Love heels are the adult equivalent of Valentine’s Day shoes.

The heart-shaped heels come in sandals, knee-high and ankle boots and a variety of colours from silver to beige to purple. They’d make an incredible and likely unexpected gift for someone really into fashion. Also, some of the styles are on sale right now.
Price: starting at $295 on sale, $480 regular


For the coquette girlie

Heart-shaped jewellery is a hard one to get right. It’s incredibly specific to the person, but these Eliana Heart pearl earrings from Wolf & Badger make a tasteful statement piece for those who love the coquette aesthetic. They’re by Australian jewellery designer Jimena Alejandra who has multiple heart-shaped options that are also worth exploring.

If you’re set on buying your partner jewellery this Valentine’s Day, pay attention to what kind of metal they wear (silver or gold), whether or not they like pearls or gems, dainty or chunky, and try to find brands they already like and peruse their heart-shaped options.

Price: $454


For the beauty lover

Perfume is another deeply personal gift so it’s best to do a bit of snooping around your partner’s collection before picking something out. However, if your partner is that girl who keeps up with trends and knows what’s viral on TikTok, chances are they’re aware of Ellis Brooklyn perfume.

This Valentine’s Day sampler set contains two layerable gourmands in a heart-shaped vegan leather makeup bag and makes a great gift. The two scents, Apple Love and Vanilla Milk, smell good enough to eat.

Price: $154


For the cozy homebody

One thing we learn as we grow up is that pillows are essential to cozy interiors. They’re also inexplicably expensive. If your partner loves interior design, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to give them something that will become a part of their home. Something they’ll look at every day and that can remind them of you, like a cute heart-shaped pillow that fits the aesthetic of their home.

There are lots of options out there at different price points and if you find an Etsy seller you can add custom embroidery (or you could DIY). We love these Teddy Faux Fur Heart Shaped Pillows from Pottery Barn that come in three different colours because they’re cute yet subtle.

Price: $70


For the stylish maximalist

Many stylish people gravitate towards designer investment bags because they hold their value and they’re versatile. This heart-shaped option accomplishes all of that and also adds extra dimension to your outfit through shape.

People with bigger budgets who don’t mind hunting around should try to track down the vintage 1990s Moschino Heart Bag that’s currently going viral on TikTok. Fran Fine sported the bag in The Nanny and it’s incredibly rare. For most of us, that’s not an option, which is where Coach comes in. Coach has four cross body designs in multiple sizes, colours and finishes, but our pick would be the magenta in signature leather.

Price: from $180


For smaller budgets

Kate Spade, the queen of tasteful kitsch, has an entire Valentine’s Day collection of heart-shaped gifts, including a heart-shaped handbag that comes in red or white. While the bag will set you back about $428, the coinpurse version of the bag is a more affordable option at $128. If you’re budget is under $100, the sparkly heart-shaped airpods case is a great gift for fans of the brand.

Price: $60