You know that scene in
Legally Blonde where Elle Woods pulls out her tangerine Apple iBook (remember those?) amidst a sea of serious-looking black PC laptops, and you’re supposed to laugh at her helpless incongruity? Well, I didn’t—I coveted. How could anyone even think of using their dull, nondescript computers when there was a colourful equivalent right there? I’ll never understand, just like I can’t bear the thought of lugging around my current boring-yet-reliable laptop case now that I know
this neon number is in existence. I’ll consider it part of my back-to-school overhaul shopping. And yes, I fully realize that I’m not
actually going back to school come September, but why give up on your favourite traditions for a technicality?
Marc by Marc Jacobs Dreamy embossed laptop case, $62, available at