The ELLE Canada team is committed to wearing sequins every day until December 20. 
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Tweet us your sequin pics with #sequinchallenge. Sequins are less about a sparkling addition to an item of clothing and more about a state of mind. To wear a disco ball-inspired shift, a shining blazer of a sweater covered in mother-of-pearl sequins (my outfit today, which is oddly reminiscent of
Rainbow Fish), it takes a certain personality and swagger. But some days you don’t feel like being the person who wears an exclamation point in public. Some days the siren call of flannel, jeans and a decidedly unadorned wardrobe is too hard to resist. These days prove to be extremely difficult when you’re competing in a sequin challenge. Yesterday, I was not in a sequin-state-of-mind and my outfit consisted of rust-coloured jeans and a simple silk top (which had the faintest of sequin details on the collar). Have you had a sparkle overload and had to resort to a sequin-light look?