London Fashion Week kicked off on Friday at the famed Somerset House. The first day showcased the city’s love of fashion with loads of colour, rocker chic and Britannia cool! Here are the hip-Brits that caught my eye.

THE GIRL: Stella Katterman is a student and fashion blogger at
SPOTTED: The show space at Somerset House.
HER STYLE:  Mod Annie Hall.
WHY WE LOVE IT!  Stella has perfectly blended bright pops of colour and sparkles with her 
Jonathan Saunders top and Topshop sequin skirt and shoes. Her colour-coordinated eye make-up brings a sweet whimsy to her look.
FASHION WEEK FAVORITE ADDRESSES: “Ohhh….I love eating out at
Spuntino in Soho and Topshop is my go to shopping destination. They know me well there!"
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