Today I popped into Christian Louboutin’s Paris showroom to politely—and professionally—ogle the shoes that collectors will be coveting this fall. Fringe, tartans, spikes, studs and sparkles, even leopard spots and embroidered computer circuitry, are the wildly variable—but delightfully cohesive—embellishments in Christian Louboutin’s fall/winter collection. Oh, not to mention the faux shearling gold bootie that covers one of his signature mile-high pumps. They’re months away from inducing a credit-card crunch, but there’s always the Capsule Collection to tempt you. It makes its exclusive debut at Holt Renfrew on March 15. The 20 pieces were chosen by Louboutin to celebrate his brand’s 20
th anniversary. I was drawn to the Pensée, which is affectionately known as “the shoe that inspired the red sole” because of its whimsical specchio flower. It was reportedly inspired by one of Andy Warhol’s daisy paintings, but it reminded me of the first pair of shoes I ever coveted (actually begged for). They were black patent flats with a white and black flower. Now, I’m coveting this new grown-up 120 mm heel version! Above is Louboutin’s illustrated take on his latest creation, plus his Bow Bow Bow below, which was inspired by a childhood memory of a butterfly landing on his sister’s foot.
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