An open letter to Dolce & Gabbana: Here’s why some of your ideas will never be in fashion

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The Dolce & Gabbana designers are receiving very public flack for their recent comments on family.  Photo courtesy of

Dear Signori Dolce and Gabbana, It’s been a while since we last spoke (talking to you here, Stefano, after our phone convo in Italian to chat about your iconic Sicily bag last spring) but I feel like it’s time we have another chat. I don’t need to tell you how much I love everything that you do and have done to
elevate Milan fashion and bring a sensibility of
alta moda to every Italian woman, from the classic bombshell to the weeping Sicilian widow (because everyone deserves to be draped in lace and a fitted corset, and why not—
perché non?). So everything I’m about to say comes from a place of love that runs so vast and deep it’s almost as if I’m referring to my own
famiglia; because even though indirectly, I feel so personally let down by the implication of your recent statements on family. Sentiments that led parents like Elton John and Ricky Martin to publicly call you out on your shamefully misguided view that any child born of the invitro fertilization process is considered "synthetic". I only wish it had ended there: you, who identify as gay men and were once longtime romantic partners, continued to say that children need to be raised by a mother and father, the definition of a traditional family unit.
Now, one of the many aspects that I love most about fashion and this world is how open it is to change, and how it acts as a trailblazer, unapologetically charging through antiquated cultural norms to show us a better, more beautiful ideal to which we can aspire: just last month
transgendered model Andeja Pejic made her runway debut at Giles during London Fashion Week after undergoing sexual reassignment surgery. That’s a beautiful moment, one that I’m proud to say could only happen with the open-arms embrace of the fashion community.
READ MORE: Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015: Your insider’s guide So you see, there are many relevant causes this community actively champions for (with the same fervour and urgency that it uses to make sartorial statements) that it doesn’t need close-minded statements like the ones you expressed to set itself back. It’s unfortunate that you’re not as forward-thinking and aspirational as your clothing.
Your most recent Fall 2015 runway show in Milan left my heart swelling with pride—at this world, yours, no less—as pregnant models strutted down the runway in celebration of
la mamma, the heart of the Italian family. It reminded me of friends and colleagues, themselves new moms, and of course my own mother, and how beautiful and tender is this bond, especially when accentuated in a black fox fur stole and heels! The beauty of this world is in the unfiltered expression of big ideas both on the runway and off; as magical and illustrious are the ones you send down the catwalk were vile and reprehensible when those words came out of your mouths. The repercussions were swift. Now I’m left wondering whether the Dolce & Gabbana boycotts will directly hinder your ability to express yourselves going forward. And as sad as it is for me to say, maybe that wouldn’t be the worst thing after all.
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