finalmorningmustreadCongrats to Ben Reyes, whose film, “Fashion Fades,” was announced the winner of the first-ever ELLE Canada Fashion Film Competition at a special screening at the Whistler Film Festival.
[] Marc Jacobs debuts a TV campaign for his Daisy perfume, shot by BFF Sofia Coppola. Set in a field of daisies, the ethereal short is everything you would imagine from
The Virgin Suicides director.
[InStyle] Paul Rudd is the greatest One Direction superfan (and that includes a list of all prepubescent girls, everywhere).
[Perez Hilton] NYFW announces that it will be reducing capacity in tents to eliminate people with a “tenuous connection to the fashion industry." Guess who that would be.
[] Chris Hadfield, also known as the Coolest Astronaut on Earth, will star as a Cannon Doll in a performance of the National Ballet of Canada’s
The Nutcracker on Dec. 24 in Toronto. We bet he’s light on his feet.
[Globe and Mail]