An estimated 8.5 million tonnes of furniture waste go into landfills each year. If you’re anything like us and feel guilty about tossing furniture every time you move, consider flat-pack options—a.k.a. pieces you put together yourself—to cut back on the waste that comes with shipping. Furniture from U.S.-based Floyd is designed to fit into any space so it can move along with you, and it doesn’t sacrifice style for durability. Bonus: No tools are required to put together the easy-to-assemble pieces. Like Floyd, Pentatonic also creates simple ready-to-assemble furniture—but it uses your trash to do so.



That’s right: The U.K.-based start-up repurposes waste materials (like those old DVDs collecting dust on your shelf) to make its line of unique and modern home-decor products. Closer to home, Norse Interiors, an NYC company that refabs old Ikea furniture into gorgeous customizable pieces, just launched in Canada. Buying local can also help. Plenty of companies, like Toronto-based Stylegarage, design and custom-make luxe furniture right here in Canada using locally sourced sustainable materials.

Finally, if you’re the type who wishes you could switch up your decor as often as you do your wardrobe, NYC-based Feather allows you to rent everything from couches to chic side tables and return items when you’re tired of them. It’s only stateside for now, but the company is expanding.


This article originally appeared in the September 2018 issue of ELLE Canada.