There’s a certain feeling of serenity that envelops you as you flop onto a hotel bed. Maybe it’s the down pillows, maybe it’s the sumptuous sheets or that super-tight tuck of a professionally-made bed. Maybe it’s the proximity to vacation, but hotel snoozes just seem better.

Of course, coming home offers its own comforts. But those crisp white sheets and oasis-like hotel —oof. So how do you bring that five-star feeling home with you?

The average person spends 26 years of their life in bed. So when you’re purchasing new home items, be intentional and don’t skimp—pick products that promote better rest and relaxation. “Quality of materials and furniture is extremely important,” advises Angelica Sanz Rincon, the Director of Rooms at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto. “It sets the foundation of your sleep.”

It’s all in the details

Why do hotel mattresses feel so comfortable? Often, they’re custom made by sleep scientists to ensure the mattress feels just-out-of-the-box with every stay. The Four Seasons specifically builds gel memory and AirCool foam into their mattresses to create an optimal sleeping environment. The key to comfort here is cool: ensuring air is circulating under you as you sleep. Canada’s Endy Mattress ($895) looks for similar technology: open-cell foam to allow for extra breathability.

Rincon recommends adding a mattress cover ($135) to help protect a pricey mattress from all the unpredictables — think spilled coffee with breakfast in bed or a sweaty night sleep when the flu hits.

Don’t skimp on sheets

“My philosophy to promoting a good sleep, especially for those that may struggle with it, is to practice on ‘mise en place’ in your bedroom: invest in high quality sheets and bedding that make your bed look and feel luxurious and pampering,” says Tanya Pallopson, the founder and designer of Ticking Stripe Design. If your sheets are inviting and your bedding coordinates with the rest of the room, it can have a calming and de-stressing effect that hits as soon as you walk in the bedroom.

Higher-end hotels look to 100% cotton or linen sheets— both extra breathable and easy to clean–paired with squishy duvets with high-feather filling to add warmth and weight. If you’re shopping locally, look for washed linens via Vancouver’s Wilet ($410). The sheets come in a range of colours (including shell, terracotta, and quirkier blue) and offer excellent cooling powers, durability, and a worn-in comfort.

If you prefer a crisp appearance over a more casual one, opt for percale sheets. The timeless and temperature regulating weave is excellent all year round and less likely to pill. SOCCO Living’s made-in-Portugal percale sheets (from $130) are wrinkle-resistant so they retain a hotel crispness year round.

If you’re committed to getting that full hotel experience at home, Four Seasons sells their full kit for hotel comfort. Their linen set ($950) is made from 100% cotton and finished with a sateen shimmer for a lux, feel. The hotel’s secret: fold the foot of the sheets over to create a pocket at the end of the bed. “It adds an extra pocket of protection to keep your sheets tight when you toss and turn,” says Rincon.


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Don’t forget to accessorize

Once you’ve set up your room, deck it out with items that lengthen your zzzs. A carpet under your bed adds a softness to the room, and Pallopson swears by adding curtains to clients’ bedrooms. “I love the softness they provide in a room,” she says. “Even if you are using blinds for light management, curtain panels bring warmth, help with sound and soften the look of a bedroom.”

She also recommends tweaking the lighting. Start by turning off the overhead and focusing on indirect light — bedside lights with soft shades or adjustable bulbs. Instead of bright overhead lighting, outfit lamps with smart bulbs ($29) that shift to more calming tones or colours.

“If you have space for lamps, it is always nice to put a warm glow on each side of your bed to help with relaxation,” Pallopson says. “If space is an issue, there are great plug-in wall sconces on the market that take up very little room and provide the same calming effect.” If you’re renting, look for stickable, rechargeable sconces ($95) that can be easily removed when you move on (and don’t require a handyman’s help to install).

Ticking Stripe

Add a little elbow grease

While purchasing the right sheets is an important decision, maintaining them is equally crucial. “It’s about using the right chemicals for the linen,” says Rincon. “Follow the instructions carefully—understand exactly how much soap needs to go in the wash. Linens are designed to be extremely soft and you don’t want to destroy the material—if you wash them [improperly], then can get crispy. You lose that luxurious feel!”

If you don’t have the budget for a housekeeper (understandable in this economy) spend the extra time tidying. Make your bed when you wake up so you come home to a bed that’s already set to sleep. For extra points: set out slippers so your feet land on something soft and give your pillow a spritz of linen spray ($29) to give the feel of a just-made, just-washed bed.

Rincon also recommends setting out items that help you wind down. “If we find out that guests like to read before you go to bed, we’ll put a bookmark out,” she says. “If you watch TV, put the remote beside your bed. If you take a pill before bed, set out a glass and a bottle of water. All this adds an extra element of luxury.”

Short on Cash? Set the Mood Instead

Full bedroom updates can be expensive, so for smaller, less-pricey tweaks, Pallopson suggests adding a new quilt, duvet cover or three large European-size pillows ($25) on your bed. “It keeps the look simple and uncluttered and can have a big impact on the cozy, elevated feel of the room.”

Or stick to small upgrades with big sensory impacts. “To appeal to the senses, we make the room beautiful before you sleep,” says Rincon. “Close the curtains for the evening and turn the lights down.”

And spend more time considering your choice in scents. If you’re looking for clean, crisp aromas, lavender or white vetiver smell fresh and calming—like you just had turn down service pop in for the evening. Cedar is grounding while black spruce is energizing. Province Apothecary’ makes all three of the above in luxe incense sticks ($16) that softly transform the scent of your space.