If ever there was a life item to spend lavishly on, it would be a sleep-inducing mattress. After all, we spend nearly 3,000 hours a year on one. But shelling out thousands in one go, no matter how vital the purchase, isn’t always doable.


With Polysleep, there’s a mattress for every stage of your life. Consider the Canadian company’s recently launched Sierra Mattress, a revolutionary sleep surface that sits at the intersection of luxury and affordability. There’s no girl math needed to justify this high-quality purchase: The Sierra’s low-cost price tag means it’s a comfortable option you can scoop up straight away. Made in Canada from supportive antimicrobial foam, this precision-crafted nine-inch-high mattress was created to provide your most comfortable sleep yet. Beyond being durable and allergen-resistant, it also reduces motion transfer so you won’t be disturbed by your partner if they’re prone to tossing and turning.


The Sierra seamlessly fits into so many life circumstances. Maybe you’re a student who’s just secured your first apartment and you’re searching for a budget-friendly mattress that’ll be your landing spot for studying, sleeping, hanging out—everything. Perhaps an upcoming move—perfectly timed for spring—has convinced you of the need for a bedroom refresh, including a mattress that delivers true comfort. Or maybe you’re just generally in the market for an economical-meets-well-made sleep surface that checks off every must-have, slumber-inciting quality.

From clicking “purchase” to finally resting your head on your brand-new mattress, Polysleep makes the buying process super simple. A handy quiz at Polysleep.ca—with questions about your sleep-position preference, temperature levels throughout the night and more—can help determine the best sleep surface for you. Then, you can expect fast, free shipping of your new mattress in a compact box that’s easy to unpack. (Literally, just open the package and watch it expand to its full shape in minutes.) Plus, once you’re all set up to sleep in comfort, the company’s 100-night trial lets you give the mattress a meaningful test drive to make sure those zees come easy—and they definitely will.