If you could dream up the optimal lounging surface, it might look a little something like this: mattress-level comfort, couch-degree convenience and a multi-purpose mandate that can totally transform within your space. Sound impossible? Meet the Polycouch mattress, a super-plush mattress that folds up into an ultra-practical sofa.

Designed by revered mattress brand Polysleep and handcrafted by Canadian seamstresses who can only make a handful each day (good things take time!), the Polycouch mattress is an eight-inch-thick cloudlike sleep surface with a premium memory-foam layer. Because it’s lightweight and temperature regulating, sleeping, chilling or stretching out to watch the big game is like getting a supportive, just-right hug—no matter which position you’re in.


On the practical side of things, the Polycouch mattress totally delivers. Since it folds up into a 30-inch-by-60-inch area, it’s truly the ideal solution for a short-on-space situation. Moving to a teensy-tiny studio apartment where every single fixture has to be flexible and mega functional? Count on the Polycouch mattress. Need to make a spare bedroom out of your rec room when unexpected guests stay over? It’s got you (and your company) covered. It’s even perfect for a kids playroom: Make it an extension of their indoor playground structure by turning it up onto itself; then fold it out completely during quiet time so they can cozy up and read some books.

With the Polycouch mattress, the transition from sleep surface to lounging locale is easy: Simply pull the discreet handle to lay it out in full mattress mode or push it up and reconfigure it into endless arrangements. (We love the half-couch-half-mattress set-up for settling into a good movie.) Available in three popular colours—purple, beige and grey—the Polycouch mattress fits easily into any room in your home. Plus, you get a 30-night trial to make sure it fully meets your needs. Sweet dreams (and even-sweeter luxuriating) ahead.