Does Taylor Swift have a new boyfriend?

Mar 27 2015 by
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Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.53.42 AMThat’s Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, we swear. (Image via

Well, well, well…looks like someone may have taken Taylor Swift up on her "blank space" offer. But whose name is she writing? And does he have a James Dean day dream look in his eyes? We’re definitely hoping Tay’s rumoured new love doesn’t only want love if it’s torture. (But if he did, she did warn herself).
Pictures have emerged of Swift getting "snuggly" (technical term) with EDM DJ guy Calvin Harris (of "Blame" fame; broke Rita Ora’s heart etc). Several people have posted blurry snaps of the two dancing / draping arms around each other / generally canoodling at a Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville. Neither of their camps have commented, but Harris apparently cheered super hard when Swift took the stage with Chesney, so, I mean…what more proof do you need that they’re probably married already?
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