Now more than ever, we’re all making the effort to be more environmentally conscious: dutifully separating the recycling, meal planning to reduce food waste, stowing a reusable coffee cup for midday cravings. But let’s be honest: between the 9-to-5 toil, on-the-go weekends and all the things soliciting our attention in between, sometimes it’s a challenge to recognize all the opportunities where we can do our part. It’s the simple switches—easy, everyday decisions, the ones that keep us consistent—that are the most manageable to adopt in the long term.

That’s one of the reasons Royale®, the maker of trusted household paper products, is doing some of the eco-friendly work for us. The Canadian brand is taking a small step toward reducing plastic waste by introducing paper packaging for a number of its high-quality products. It’s a notable move among its peers: ROYALE is the first national household-paper brand to make this jump. This new packaging is durable, plastic-free and recyclable where facilities exist.

Inside the recyclable Paper Packs is the same ROYALE quality we’ve come to expect: plush, almost magically absorbent and totally reliable. Between the brand’s Velour and Original bathroom tissue and its Tiger Towel, the plastic-less packaging swap can be experienced in every room of your house. This innovation isn’t going to solve climate change, but it’s a step in the right direction for ROYALE, which has made a commitment to reduce plastic waste for the benefit of the environment. Now, when you’re doing a deep clean of the oven, tackling a spill or, you know, doing your thing in the bathroom, you can feel a little bit better about your personal impact on the earth.