bake shoppe torontoThe list was cute, but the contents were so much better!

As we huddled around this month’s
#productionpastries delivery, the ELLE Canada team tried to find the right way to describe the particular "style" of the goodies from Toronto’s Bake Shoppe. In between mouthfuls of salty-but-sweet Ruffles Marshmallow squares, homemade Nutella pop tarts and decadent Carmelita bars, we tossed around "nostalgia chic", "retro-licious" and "like Grandma’s but better". In the end though, we settled on "SO GOOOOD". Read on to find out more about Bake Shoppe, straight from the mouth of owner Cindy Coelho! This will be of particular interest if the words "nutella" "brown butter" and "cookie" together sound good to you…