Princess Charlotte’s birth certificate is fascinating; reveals “princess” is a legitimate career

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princess charlotte's brith certificateThe document in question. (

Filling out paperwork when you’re a royal is kinda weird: On one hand, you can just write things like "princess", as your occupation and no one even blinks. On the other hand, you’ve probably got 14 middle names, which takes forever to write. But you also don’t have a last name, and your palace address doesn’t require a street name or number, so swings and roundabouts I suppose.
Anyway, since we crossed the line between "interest" and "obsession" so very long ago, here’s
Princess Charlotte’s birth certificate! Kensington Palace tweeted this out, so it’s not like we were grubbing around in the recycling bins of the public records office to obtain this document (which took Wills three days to submit, it should be noted. Also, he has a very inconsistent approach to capitalization, no?) Welcome to being an official registered person, CED!
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