Prince William starts a new job (and why that’s actually a big deal)

Mar 31 2015 by
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The Duke Of Cambridge Visits The Anglesey ShowWills is getting his wings back. (Getty)

He may be king one day, but for now, Prince William’s got to earn a couple coins like the rest of us schmucks. So what’s Mr Windsor up to now to keep
Kate in coats and LK Bennett?
Prince WIlliam is starting a new job today, in training to be an air ambulance pilot at Bond Air Services. You may recall that Wills’ other day job (before he quit it to focus on royal stuff; not sure what happened with that gig?) was as a Coast Guard pilot. The big difference with this new career choice is that a) it’s with a private employer, which means for the first time in his life, Big W’s boss is someone other than his grandmother and b) Will had to pass a whole heap of rigorous tests to fly "commercial". c) Most importantly: He’s actually the first direct heir to the throne to have, like, a real civilian job, William: More than just a pretty face, huh?
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