Simon Doonan—creative ambassador for Barneys New York, general fashion genius and hilarious author—has penned another must-read.
The Asylum is a collection of essay’s about the Brit expat’s adventures in fashion (because he’s had
a lot of adventures). And the title? A hilarious nod to the fact that he thinks the industry bears more than a little resemblance to a mental institution… (Example: we editors see patterns everywhere, even when there may be none.) Read it for the behind-the-scenes gossip (like details about that time a ceiling fell on Anna Wintour, why Tom Ford is obsessed with "moist lips," and that time he called Kate Moss a "working-class slag from a crap town, just like me" in the paper…. But the "just like me" part got cut out of the quote and a murderous outrage ensued.) Also, read it for charming anecdotes like this one about legendary Vogue editor Polly Mellen: "Though she could be serious, imperious and filled with fashion gravitas, Miss Mellen also loved a good chuckle. My favourite memory of Polly is sitting with her and Carolyn Murphy at the Met Ball—back in the last century, of course—critiquing the couture of the attendees while simultaneously counting the number of times Donatella Versace and Kate Moss minced across the room for a potty break a deux." Read more:
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