Must See: Cat Art Show

Jan 28 2014 by
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Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 1.52.55 PMA painting by Marion Peck, exhibiting at the Cat Art Show. (Image courtesy of Instagram @catartshowla)

I know what you’re thinking: a cat art show, really? Why not just tack some of those old soft-focus ‘best friends forever’ posters on a gallery wall and save yourself some paint? (And if you’re allergic you’re probably already feeling a little hive-y).
But bear with, mean internet friend:
this show, on now in LA until Feb 2, is cool (cool enough for Alan Aldridge to contribute a painting, in fact), and anyway, the internet has made cats our universal muse (although I’m assured the gallery is a LOL Catz free-zone). And for a little extra cat-nip: a portion of the proceeds go towards helping The Stray Cat Alliance. Even if you’re not able to make it to LA in person (private jet in the shop, etc), the paintings are available for purchase – get in touch with [email protected] for deets on how to get your paws on a piece!
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Categories: Culture