Michael Kiwanuka is not a natural showman.

The ‘Home Again’ star was a session musician before launching his solo career and recently winning the BBC’s Sound of 2012 poll, and admits he is still getting used to the focus being on him as a performer.

He told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “I didn’t necessarily want to be at the front of the stage. What I do love – I love music so much and you can experience emotion through music when you write your own music and sing your own music.

“Because I love playing and singing those songs – believe in them – I guess it’s easier to watch as I am not uncomfortable, I am lost in the music. If I was to get up there and do stand up or just show off, I would run away and hide. The music helps me through it.”

Michael picked up a lot of tips on how large shows work last year, when he supported Adele as she toured the UK.

He explained: “The tour was a month long, so watching the gig each night and seeing how things work when you are an artist at that level was advice enough – seeing how the shows go, watching sound checks.

“It was a great insight to how things can go if things go well and you work hard and try and do as good music as you can. I definitely learnt masses from that tour and can feel the improvements from that.”

Michael’s debut album ‘Home Again’ will be released in March.