There’s a line from the terrible Matt Damon movie We bought a Zoo that pops into my mind from time to time: “Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.” This was rotating in my head as I prepared to approach Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the posh rooftop patio of Lavelle, where well-dressed guests sipped Nespresso-infused cocktails and nibbled on fig crostinis. We were at the official pre-party (presented by Nespresso, hence the excellent selection of caffeinated bevvies) for his new flick Snowden, and unlike Leonardo DiCaprio (who hid in a corner at his shin-dig) JGL was standing by the entrance, smiling and chatting with the crowd. I’ve heard mixed things about Gordon-Levitt in the past (he’s got a bit of a reputation for being, shall we say, stand-offish)—but the guy standing in a few feet away from me was all smiles. Just as I worked up my nerve to say hi, JGL made a beeline for a private booth in the back and it was clear the moment had passed. He spent the rest of the party laughing and catching up in the reserved section with Melissa Leo (see above snap) and a dapper Zachary Quinto, while Shailene Woodley worked the room in a mod inspired mini. It’s no wonder the cast was in such a good mood: the film is already garnering early Oscar buzz, and early reviews have been positive. Great news for everyone—except maybe the NSA.