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kristen stewart instagramK-Stew Instagrams! (

You know, you thought there were some certain things to hold onto in an uncertain world: The lifesaving power of a teacup pig, Beyonce being Beyonce, and
Kristen Stewart never joining social media. Until now, when one of the pillars of our world has been rocked: Kristen Stewart is on Instagram people!!!
In the days since she triggered The End Times, Kristen Stewart has been busy filling up her feed (@k.j.stewart, FYI) with a series of images that look fairly legit (it’s still not 100 percent official), but are radically changing how we feel about cinema’s broodiest It Girl: For instance, she posted a #TBT of a
fishtail braid, with the comment "miss my hair" (K-Stew doesn’t really do complete sentences). She also shared a classic "friend selfie", and perhaps most shocking of all, her make-up look for the Hollywood Film Awards.
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