Do you secretly dream of being the object of affection in a Hugh Grant flick or do you prefer to keep it real? Take our quiz to find out just how much romance is in your life.

1 My idea of a romantic movie is:
a An Affair to Remember
b While You Were Sleeping
c Dodgeball

2 A romantic date would involve:
a Champagne, a gourmet meal and an evening stroll
b Wine and some cuddling in front of the television
c Beer and action in the backseat of a car

3 Sensual clothing is made of:
a silk
b cashmere
c leather

4 During the week I will:
a call my partner at work to say I love him
b order takeout one night so we can kick back together
c not have gas in his presence

5 My ideal leading man is:
a Cary Grant
b Owen Wilson
c Vin Diesel6 I like to celebrate:
a the day we met, the day we first kissed, the day we first made love, etc.
b the anniversary of our first date or wedding
c the day he bought me jewelry

7 If my partner and I were a TV couple, we would be:
a Gilmore Girls‘ Lorelai and Luke — destined to be together
b Dharma and Greg — crazy in love
c The OC‘s Marissa and Ryan — together in theory

8 The cocoa-filled way to my heart is:
a truffles
b body paint
c Smarties — the red ones of course

9 My idea of a romantic getaway involves:
a a trip to Paris
b a cabin in the woods
c a weekend at Disney World

10 The song that reflects my romantic ideals is:
a Dean Martin’s You Belong to Me
b Dido’s Thank You
c Outkast’s Spread If you answered mostly As
Jane Austen has nothing on you. You are incredibly detail-oriented when it comes to setting the mood and enjoy both being the romancer and being romanced. Valentine’s Day is a sacred holiday to you, and you celebrate the saint’s day with passion. But be careful: there’s a fine line between being a hopeless romantic and simply hopeless.

If you answered mostly Bs
You love to have fun and appreciate romantic gestures a little out of the ordinary. You’re not hung up on toasting every “first”; you prefer to celebrate the little moments that happen every day.

If you answered mostly Cs
You wouldn’t know romance if Cupid shot his arrow right into your heart. It’s time to acknowledge your loving relationship by indulging a little, doing unexpected things for you and for your partner. Buy that fabulous dress and have a candlelit meal together. Or, send your partner a love note at work. Don’t deprive yourself of romance.