GIRLS recap: Season 2, Episode 6 & the lines we liked best

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Marnie and the inimitable Booth Jonathan.

last week, when nothing happened to anyone but Hannah, this week everything is happening to everyone. There are lots of important parts, but our ultimate favourite is the short-lived team of Adam and Ray, who replace Shosh and Jessa in this week’s recap. Dog bites, ferry rides and yelling—all the things a good man adventure requires.
HANNAH Once again Hannah is taking a very important meeting, with someone very important (played by actor/director John Cameron Mitchell of
Hedwig and the Angry Inch) signified by the fact that Hannah is a gushing fangirl over his magazine, and the fact that a “money man” drops by their table to say hello. The editor has read Hannah’s essays and identified in her writing qualities that describe Hannah herself: complex, sweet, naïve and infuriating.  Long story short, he wants Hannah to write an e-book. He may not know what a pistachio is, but he knows talent and Hannah has it. The catch? He needs that in a month. Sooo….no pressure or anything. It’s one thing to talk about writing a book, and another to actually sit down and do it. The one-month deadline makes procrastination a dangerous game. New roomie Jessa isn’t making life easier either, in the stage of depression where she falls asleep in the tub and becomes ultra mean (she tells Hannah the book she’s writing won’t matter to anyone including those who read it and Hannah herself). Escaping her empty page and terrible new roommate, Hannah wanders over to Casa Booth (Jonathan). She is wearing an especially frumpy combo of denim sack dress and navy and green rain coat, and is distinctly out of place.  It doesn’t help that she is ignored by her former best friend and not in the mood to enjoy the pretentious art assholes even though one thinks he knows her from “one of Ryan’s shoots.” When he mentions another of the guests, Sketch, the one Marnie just greeted as “my favourite wordsmith in the world!”, is also writing an e-book, Hannah feels as small as she possibly could and takes off for home.
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At home and still clearly suffering from writer’s block, she gives the friendship one more shot and calls Marnie. She begins ready to say how she’s feeling but loses her nerve and lies, saying she was inspired by Marnie’s creative guests and came home to write. They’re both stilted and awkward, lying about how well things are going, each afraid the other has surpassed them. It is sad a true part of female friendship as much as the impromptu dance party the two had in Hannah’s room during happier times. They’re drifting apart and if they can’t talk anymore, what is left? Only time will tell.
MARNIE Marnie is lounging in bed with naked Booth Jonathan midday, doing her best impression of a bohemian. When his long-suffering assistant, Suejin, marches in, neither the assistant nor Booth seems phased by his complete nudity, and Marnie does her best to keep her cool girl game face on. Booth has very strong feelings about rosewater ice cream. Suejin took a nibble from it when she dropped it off yesterday, and he is pissed. He calls on Marnie to back him up on the not-coolness of Suejin “basically, like, eating his groceries” and Marnie could not be more pleased to be on Team Booth, despite the fact that he is behaving like a pretentious man-child. Even better, with Suejin quitting to go on tour with her boyfriend (the lighting guy for Carly Rae Jepsen), Booth needs a hostess for his party tonight. When he asks Marnie to step in, you can practically see the “I’m his girlfriend!” thought bubble appear over her head. We next find her doing the closet shuffle, trying to decide what to wear to her debut as Booth’s girlfriend. Deeming everything she owns as “too basic” she decides a new look is in order. Everything is happening on a very “fancy, nice level” with Booth and she needs to be perfect for their first time hosting something as a couple. Her final outfit of choice is sort of a take on the New Look by way of a sex shop. It reminds us a bit of Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2007 collection, but cheaper and more ridiculous. Nonetheless, Marnie’s in her element, greeting guests effusively and choosing wines from Booth’s astonishing wine cellar. Until of course, he offers her $500 for working the party and her whole fantasy blows to smithereens. You see, he really just needed a Suejin stand-in, and since Marnie is literally a hostess for a living, he thought she could manage the job. When she points out that that concept doesn’t work because they are sleeping together, he informs her that he had sex with Suejin too, and that never stopped her from working for him. Double ouch, Marns! She is horrified that the relationship isn’t what she thought, and makes the mistake of babbling that she is a longtime fan of his work. This sets Booth off into his own tailspin—the pretentious bravado is covering the fact that he hates his life, he hates his friends, and everyone is only around because they want things from him. He’s right when he tells her she doesn’t really like him—she even admits she likes “the idea of him” and can’t muster much for the real person. It’s  mortifying for both of them and she knows it’s time to leave. Despite her best efforts though, it’s tough to make a graceful exit in that dress. To navigate the subway, the PVC upper portion of the dress must be carried, making it one step more ridiculous. Talking to Hannah, she can’t choke out the details of another failure, and instead tells her she’s in Booth’s garden watching the fireflies. She thought she was moving on from Hannah, into a whole new world—a nice, fancy one—but if she’s learned anything from her time with Booth, it should be that real friends mean more than all the air kisses and plastic dresses money can buy.
THE GUYS OF GIRLS Adam and Ray’s meet-cute begins like this…Hannah has left Ray’s copy of
Little Women, a gift from his godmother, at Adam’s place and if he doesn’t get it back he will never figure out if he is an Amy or a Marmie (we think he may actually be more like a broke version of Laurie’s Grandfather). There is a problem in the plan to retrieve Ray’s book. It is in the bathroom, which has an angry, biting dog in it. Where did this angry mutt come from? Well, Adam saw the dog’s owner call him “shitdick and such”, and then leave him outside a coffee shop, so he helped Dog (that is the dog’s current name) get untangled from his leash, and then rescued him. Ray, who loved his own childhood dog, Constantine, dearly, is incensed. You can’t just take people’s beloved pets! So a plan is hatched—they will use the muzzle Adam has made for Dog and transport him back to the owner. At first Ray is not on board, but when Adam uses the magic word, “backup”, inferring Ray is a man who’d be helpful as “extra muscle in case shit gets real”, Ray’s wounded masculinity can’t resist the boost. Partners in crime it is! Dog is from Staten Island, so the gents are off to catch a ferry. The new gruesome twosome finds their first common ground on their journey when the topic of Shosh’s age comes up. They agree that dating young girls and older ladies is the way to go. It’s the in-betweens that cause problems, with all their expectations. Fun fact: Adam dated a 54-year-old with a "banging bod", so it turns out he’s also the date-someone-drastically-older type. This leads to Ray’s realization that the two men (boys?) are similar. As he puts it, “I may intellectualize everything and you nothing, but we both get to the same meaty ideas.” Adam has a different theory on how they are alike—both are “kind of weird looking”. The common ground starts to get shaky when the subject shifts to Hannah. They begin well, agreeing that Hannah is difficult, with Adam describing her as a carnival game where you can’t get the ring over the bottle and eventually realize it’s rigged. Ray confides that he doesn’t really understand Adam’s struggles since his relationship with Shosh of four weeks (seven including the initial sex) is his longest ever. He also shares that he took her virginity, and he now feels kind of like her father—TMI, Ray! The problem begins with a rant about not understanding why Adam was so infatuated with Hannah since she’s a “difficult person”. This is where their ultimate difference shines through. Adam is a stone cold weirdo but he has emotional maturity when it matters, countering Ray’s argument with the truth that “I’m a difficult person, everyone is a difficult person. She was accepting of my brand of difficult. She was OK with it.” Ray’s attempts to point out Hannah’s flaws lead to a rapid and hilarious spiral of rage and jealousy, with Adam first defending Hannah, and then becoming paranoid that Ray is overcompensating because he wants to or has slept with her. When Ray says he doesn’t find Hannah attractive, Adam shoves him, hands him the dog leash and some hard truths about Ray and Shosh (“She’s just some kid you feel safe with because you know it won’t work out.”) And with that, Adam’s out. Based on his reaction to Ray’s comments, someone may not be as done with Hannah as he thinks he is. Ray has come too far to just quit on his odyssey to return Dog. On arriving at the address however he doesn’t come upon sirens on the rocks or a Cyclops, but a worse foe—a homophobic, racist teenager. Their screaming match on the street includes some words I personally choose not to write down, but in the midst of it she hits his soft spot, calling him a loser for not being at work, meaning not having a proper adult job. By the end of the day, he and Dog are sitting on the shore, looking at Manhattan with what he described to Adam earlier as the feeling all Staten Islanders have when they view the city, “this quiet rage burning in their hearts.” His crisis is coming to a head—he has nothing to show for himself and even a terrible teen can see he’s a loser. He hangs his head and cries, Dog by his side. Manhattan isn’t for everyone. Maybe he’ll have to make the move from one island to a lesser one permanently.
1) Ray: “By the way, where’s my copy of
Little Women?” Hannah: “Oh, I left it at Adam’s, sorry.” Ray: “Well, I need it back.” Hannah: “Well, I can’t get it right now because I can’t see him so I’ll buy you another one.” Ray: “Hannah my godmother gave me that book, OK. She writes notes in the back of books explaining how they relate to my shit. I need it back.” Shosh: “How exactly does your godmother think that
Little Women relates to your shit? Like, does she think you’re a Marmie or an Amy?” Ray: “I don’t know, probably a Marmie, but I don’t know ‘cause I haven’t read it. That’s why I need it back. I don’t like the idea of it cohabitating with that sociopath.” Hannah: “Firstly, you’re not a Marmie—you’re probably the dad who dies of influenza at the war….”
2) Adam: “Hannah didn’t send you here did she, because I’m fucking done with her shit!  Okay? She got me thrown in jail—did you know that? I had to spend the night in a cell with a fucking yoga teacher!”
3) Shoshanna: “Are you like, going to some fab event tonight or something?” Marnie: “Actually Booth and I are having a couple of friends over before one of his like, associates’ art openings or whatever.” Shoshanna: “Omigod. That’s so fabulous. You’re like Bella Swan from
Twilight and I’m like her weird friend who doesn’t understand how fabulous her life is because my boyfriend won’t spend $4 on tacos.”
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