Donald Glover’s album "Because of the Internet" is out now.

I sat down with Donald Glover, also known as rapper Childish Gambino, when he swung by Toronto to promote his new album “Because of the Internet.” He’s recently gone through a strange time: he just left the show “Community,” had some health problems and posted a pretty bleak (although, I think, reasonable)
series of notes on Instagram. We sat in a suite at The Four Seasons and he smoked a lot of weed while he talked, mainly, about the Internet. Here are some of his super-smart-but-would-make-more-sense-if-you-were-high-too thoughts: "When I wrote those Instagram posts people tried to be like ‘he’s not having a breakdown, he’s fine’ or ‘he’s depressed.’ People tried to put a box on it. But that’s how you’re supposed to feel. That’s the only way that things get done: because people were bored or unsatisfied.” “The internet is this beautiful tool that we’re doing awesome shit with, but it’s soulless because we’re not putting all this other shit on there: like the fears and the sadness that connects us… That’s what’s needed. We’re not making the Internet alive.” For more, check out our January issue.