It looks like a pint of Guinness, tastes like a cold brew, and is only available in one Canadian Starbucks location—but it’s not on the secret menu. So what is this mystery drink launching RN in Canada? 

It’s nitro coffee, which in terms of coffee trends is 2016’s answer to 2015’s obsession with pour over (and apparently an extension of our obsession with cold coffee in general, which Starbucks says is actually a growing part of our morning coffee order, even in the winter). 

So what is it, and how is not just cold brew? Well, it is cold brew in the sense that it’s based on the same intial process (steeping coffee for 20 hours in cold water) but then things get science-y when they infuse it with nitrogen. This is key because it’s crisp and cold without any ice added, excellent news for anyone who’s ever hated how watered down the end of your iced coffee sometimes tastes. 

Nitro cold brew is currently only available at one location in Canada (Brookfield Place in Toronto) but word on the street is that they’ll be rolling it out at more locations A-to-the-SAP.