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sweetpeabloomstorontoA swoon-worthy bridal bouquet from Sweetpea’s. (Image courtesy of Instagram.com/ellecanada)

There are flowers, and then there are the most important flowers of YOUR LIFE: we’re talking wedding bouquets, here people. Whether you tied the knot years ago, plan to one day, or really hope never to be on the receiving end of one during a bouquet toss, there’s undeniably something rather special about this gorgeous bridal bouquet from
Toronto florist Sweetpea Blooms. What bride wouldn’t want to glide (serenely) down the aisle holding this rose-filled creation by its lace-wrapped stems?! We chatted with
the team at Sweetpea’s about all things floral and bridal (and the low-down on getting the most out of any bouquet!):

What was the inspiration behind this bouquet? When you get the opportunity to make whatever you like, it is a treat.  We went to some of our favourite suppliers and were like kids in a candy store.  We wanted to create something soft and natural, playing with colours and textures outside of the standard blush and white bouquets so many florists have been pushing this season. The basic idea being of wandering through a beautiful farmer’s garden, picking whatever was in bloom that day.
Any special tips for extending the life of your flowers at home? Bridal work, especially personal flowers generally don’t last more than a day or so. The mechanics used to create them are very different than a standard ‘everyday’ arrangement.They are often out of water for extended periods, the stems will close up to not accept water as the flowers attempt to preserve themselves, and the constant movement and handling they go through will damage them in such a way, that to expect them to last beyond your wedding day puts an unrealistic expectation on your florist. For a standard arrangement, whether as a bouquet, or in already arranged in a vase when you receive it, we send out detailed care instructions with all of our deliveries. Our recommendation is simply change the water daily with cool (not cold) water, and provide the flowers with a fresh cut, if possible.   Vases should be as clean as possible as residue can hold in bacteria that will reduce the life of your cut flowers. As certain flowers will not last as long as others in a mixed arrangement, remove wilted flowers to keep the arrangement looking fresh. As the arrangement fades, take it apart and save the flowers that are still in good shape, creating smaller posies, which you can place in bathrooms, or by the bedside, so you make every bloom count.
Tell us a little bit about Sweetpea’s!
Sweetpea’s began as an eco-friendly landscaping business. Surprisingly, Sara Jameson, the owner, is not a florist herself. Her background was in interior design, event planning, marketing and graphic design. Her goal was to bring together a great team of florists, all with their own distinct styles and backgrounds, allowing them the opportunity to express their creativity and individuality.   Right now, we have a very supportive team, who bring something special through their own experiences, whether it was formal training through professional courses, apprenticing or simply learning on their own.
What’s your favourite flower? Asking a florist their favourite flower is like asking an artist to pick a favourite colour. Because we use locally grown flowers, we are always finding new things to excite us throughout the year. If we had to chose though, dahlias. They come in so many varieties, shapes, colours and sizes, there is always one that you know will be just right for an arrangement. They begin as early as June and are available until frost, providing months of reliable local material for us to use at the shop.
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