Eminem and Rihanna explore domestic violence in new video

Aug 09 2010 by
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Is there such a thing as pushing the sartorial envelope too far?

By: Lara Ceroni
It goes without saying that Eminem rarely shies away from controversy, so it comes as no real surprise to us – to anyone, really – that his latest video (“Love The Way You Lie”) is causing a major stir in the web world and beyond. Here’s the gist:
Transformers star Megan Fox plays the role of (surprise, surprise) a fighter and a lover alongside
Lost alumn Dominic Monaghan (By the way, how does this pint- sized British actor score all the ladies? First Evangeline Lily, now Megan?? We digress…) In the video, the tumultuous couple trades kisses for knock-outs while Eminem and Rihanna sing out the contentious lyrics in the background.
After watching the vid, it’s hard not to wonder what its message is: Are they condoning physical abuse, or shedding light on the atrocity of it? As well, we can’t possibly ignore the pink elephant in the room, that being Rihanna. The tabloids were a-blaze last year with the news of her horrific altercation with her then-boyfriend Chris Brown. What is she trying to say by being involved in this project? Check out the video
here and then weigh-in on our comments section. We’d love to hear what you think.

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